Do you have any thoughts about my untutored attempt at mail chimp marketing, for 950 independent bookstores? I had a lot of fun with it.

Did Borges Invent Blockchain?

Hello Book Lover, here is:

An idea about Borges and our distributed future.

A printable 8x10 poster for your bulletin board or window.

My phone number, 917-397-6171, in case you want to nerd out about Borges and blockchain -- happy to talk.

If you display my poster in your store, please post a photo on Instagram or Twitter with #thenexteverything.

In return, I’ll promote the heck out of your business.

Read an excerpt from Blockchain: The Next Everything.

Learn more from Scribner.

Good thoughts to you, from Stephen P. Williams

Click here to download a printable 8x10 pdf of the poster. Be sure to choose "scale to fit page" on your printer options.or my new book

Borges Block Chain Poster 8x10  jpeg.jpg